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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 5.13

Vehicle lease holders find themselves in an unusual position (Wall Street Journal): The sharp rise in vehicle resale values during the pandemic has left many lease customers in an unusually advantageous position.

Stock Splits Actually Work—Just Not for the Reason Everyone Thinks (Barron's): Stock splits are back in vogue, and the market is quickly rewarding companies that divide their shares.

America’s Favorite Truck Is About to Test Tesla’s Dominance (Bloomberg): With this month’s release of the F-150 Lightning, Ford hopes to electrify new and traditional truck buyers alike, and—eventually—to replace its industry-defining gas-powered line.

T-Day: The Battle for Taiwan (Reuters): The island dominates production of the chips that power almost all advanced civilian and military technologies. That leaves the U.S. and Chinese economies extremely reliant on plants that would be in the line of fire in an attack on Taiwan. It's a vulnerability stoking alarm in Washington.

The Fed Is on the March. Can Your Bond Fund Keep Up? (Wall Street Journal): Bond investors have been pummeled this year as the central bank has tightened up. Here’s how to think about your portfolio in a period of rising interest rates.