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Our Approach

Helping clients make complex financial and life decisions.

We strive to help clients grow and protect their wealth while navigating multifaceted financial issues that they may not have the time or proclivity to address themselves. We utilize a consistent, disciplined financial planning process comprised of the best possible advice from a team of experts. Our goal is to ensure we have a coherent, well-defined strategy in place that maintains the integrity of our clients’ financial plans regardless of changing circumstances.

Our Investment Philosophy

We are fiduciaries and offer fee-only investment advice that is focused on keeping investment costs low, providing a high degree of diversification and maintaining a disciplined long-term focus. Our models are grounded in Modern Portfolio Theory, decades of academic research and well documented long-term factor-based trends. We believe that a broadly diversified investment portfolio that is fashioned around each client’s unique risk tolerance and financial goals is critical to financial success and is the most likely to be successful over time.

Investing Behavior Gap

A study conducted by an independent research firm found that the average return of the S&P 500 over the last 20 years was 9.9% per year, yet the average equity investor earned only 5.2%.* Why? Most individual investors frequently change allocations, investment holdings, and let emotions rule their portfolio. The purpose of our approach is to take the emotion out of investing in order to capture market returns while minimizing volatility.

A fiduciary is a person that acts on behalf of a client, putting the clients' interest ahead of their own. Being a fiduciary requires being bound, both legally and ethically, to act in the client’s best interests at all times.

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*Source: DALBAR Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior 2015.