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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 1.13

Fidelity Sees a Return to Bear-Market Lows (podcast) (Bloomberg): Jurrien Timmer, director of global macro at Fidelity Investments joined the What Goes Up podcast to discuss his outlook for the year, and explains his take on stocks and why he thinks bonds will resume their role as a source of protection for investors in balanced portfolios.

Phishing attacks are increasing and getting more sophisticated. Here’s how to avoid them (CNBC): Phishing is on the rise, and anyone who uses email, text messaging, and other forms of communication is a potential victim. Individuals can take steps to better defend themselves against phishing attacks including being vigilant when giving out personal information, taking a step back and looking closely at the sender of an unexpected email and reaching out to the person or company if a suspicious-looking message comes in.

Why Xi Jinping Reversed His Zero-Covid Policy in China (The Wall Street Journal): A wave of protests coupled with urgent pleas from many corners of the government finally prodded the leader to scrap the strict lockdown system he had touted throughout the pandemic.

DOE official warns of solar supply chain risks (Axios): The department is shedding light on where it believes there is risk in the solar supply chain (China) — and where there isn't — ahead of aggressive oversight from House Republicans. 

The $42 Billion Question: Why Aren’t Americans Ditching Big Banks? (The Wall Street Journal): Big banks still pay next to nothing on savings, but their customers aren’t yet moving much money to higher-yielding alternatives.