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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 10.7

Where things stand with Biden's student loan forgiveness plan (Axios): The Biden administration last week saw its first major legal challenges to its student loan forgiveness plan, which has presented new political hurdles for the White House less than two months after the initial announcement.

Why Interest Rates Are Rising Everywhere—Except Your Savings Account (Wall Street Journal): Many banks continue to offer meager yields on savings accounts, but it can pay off to shop around

Why ESG May Make This Commodity Supercycle Different From Past Cycle (The Meb Faber Show - Apple Podcasts): Jeff Currie, Goldman Sachs’ global head of Commodities Research, touches on the underinvestment in supply, why ESG makes this cycle different from past cycles, and why the risk of a policy error could exacerbate the problems we have in the commodity markets today.

Will Dodge’s electric muscle car satisfy its die-hard fans? (CNBC):  Over the past decade, Dodge has dug deep into its performance car heritage and become a brand known for brash American muscle cars with supercharged V-8 engines and ridiculous amounts of horsepower. But tightening regulations, rising fuel prices and the rise of the SUV are putting the squeeze on Dodge’s so-called “brotherhood of muscle.”

Credit Suisse’s Options Worsen as Markets Mayhem Takes Toll (Bloomberg):  The wild gyrations show the difficulty for Credit Suisse in managing the febrile confidence of investors as it rushes to devise a repair plan for its investment bank, which has been on the ropes since suffering massive losses last year from backing Archegos Capital Management.