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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 12.1

Euclid Telescope Dazzles With Detailed First Images of Our Universe (The New York Times): The European Space Agency’s premier telescope captured new views of space, a small taste of what it is likely to accomplish in the coming years.

Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s Partner and ‘Abominable No-Man,’ Dies at 99 (The Wall Street Journal): No equal business partner has ever played second fiddle better than Charlie Munger. Warren Buffett’s closest friend and consigliere for six decades, the billionaire vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway died Tuesday at age 99 in a California hospital. A news release from Berkshire confirmed his death.

How Goldman Sachs Fumbled Its Consumer Business  (The Wall Street Journal - video): When Goldman Sachs entered the credit card space in 2019, many consumer banks were concerned that a new competitor had emerged. But just four years later, the firm is pulling back. We explain why.

The Radio Host and the Real Estate Scam (New York Magazine): Victims allege that The Breakfast Club host used his clout to rope them into a Ponzi scheme. The numbers sounded too good to be true, but many say they were swayed by the guiding presence of DJ Envy, who swore by Pina’s investment advice in public — and did most of the talking for Pina in their joint appearances.

The short shelf life of immersive attractions (Axios): The opening of the Sphere in Las Vegas coincides with the closing of "Sleep No More" in New York. Both are expensive and innovative ticketed experiences aimed largely at tourists and designed to elicit a "wow" factor. These attractions tend to lean heavily on novelty, and their shelf life can be very short.