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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 12.23

Bob Iger vs. Bob Chapek: Inside the Disney Coup (The Wall Street Journal): The former Walt Disney Co. chief executive undermined and then succeeded the man he had handpicked to lead the entertainment giant

Twitter investors are divided on Musk moves (Axios): Elon Musk never intended to lead the site forever, both based on public and private comments. But investors were told that a transition would occur between the three and six month mark, not based on a crowdsourced decision just six weeks into his ownership.

Lego Investing Is Booming. Here’s How It Works (WSJ - Video): Lego fans and collectors are buying and selling the plastic toys for profit, and seeing better average returns than for many other assets like stocks, gold and art. Here’s how Lego investing works, and why this lesser known market punches above its weight.

The Time Project (The Time Project):Reading every issue of Tim Magazine from 1923 to 2000.

The year EVs outgrew Tesla (Vox): Critics have long dismissed electric vehicles as overly expensive, inconvenient, and unrealistic. But 2022 didn’t hear them. This year has seen record sales for EVs, and there is now billions in new federal funding designed to incentivize companies to make electric cars and to encourage customers to buy them.