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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 1.6

The Yield Curve Is Inverting to Extreme Levels: What Investors Should Know (video) (The Wall Street Journal): The inverted Treasury yield curve is hitting extreme new levels. But paradoxically, it may be suggesting that investors are both more worried about a recession and less worried. WSJ’s Dion Rabouin explains.

Flexport CEO Says a ‘Great Recession’ Is Here for Global Shipping (Podcast) (Odd Lots): With freight rates now plunging and container traffic to the US down almost 20% last month, it seems like we're on the verge of a sharp reversal for the shipping industry. Founder and co-CEO of Flexport, Ryan Petersen talks about what he's seeing in the industry right now.

Fed Minutes Show Officials Feared Markets’ Rallies Could Hinder Inflation Fight (The Wall Street Journal): Policy makers worried they could have to raise rates more than projected if higher stock, bond prices spur economy

ISM manufacturing survey is the latest sign of disinflation (Axios): A December reading on the U.S. manufacturing sector showed factory activity slowing down — and importantly, the prices that producers paid their suppliers fell broadly. These indicators are encouraging, but what really matters is when the Fed thinks the inflationary threat has been beaten back conclusively.

2022: The year in pictures (CNN):The world witnessed an unwieldy and unparalleled set of news events in 2022. It was a year that captured historically significant and surprising moments, triggering disbelief and despair, and some days offering joy and pride.