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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 2.10

Steve Eisman on the 'Paradigm Shift' Happening in Markets Right Now  (Odd Lots - Podcast): After a decade of dominance, 2022 saw tech stocks badly underperform the rest of the market. However, so far in 2023, tech stocks and other speculations have surged again. According to Steve Eisman, what we're seeing is the natural process by which a "paradigm shift" is playing out in stocks.

Tyler Gallagher of Regal Assets Took Their Millions for Gold and Vanished (The Daily Beast): His company, Regal Assets, earned top ratings on review sites, and Gallagher himself was a cited expert, publishing articles online for Forbes and Rolling Stone. Inc. magazine rated his company one of the fastest growing in the country—an honor previously bestowed on the likes of Microsoft and Jamba Juice. And then one day last October, Tyler Gallagher—and his gold—disappeared.

Why Apple Watches Keep Calling 911 (The New York Times): Dispatchers for 911 are being inundated with false, automated distress calls from Apple devices owned by skiers who are very much alive.

How Extreme Bets Fueled an $11.4 Billion Fortune (Bloomberg): Michael Platt made his first billion charging hedge fund clients fees until ditching them seven years ago. Now, without the same constraints, he’s spun that bundle into one of the biggest fortunes in the world.

How robots are helping address the fast-food labor shortage (CNBC): Struggling to find workers and eager to relieve staff from boring, repetitive tasks, fast-food restaurant chains are adding robots to their kitchens.