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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 2.17

US Crackdown Seeks to Push Crypto Back to the Fringes of Finance (Bloomberg): Crypto’s free pass is getting yanked as the most powerful US financial regulators rapidly close key doors to the country’s banking system. The increasingly aggressive posture, which has taken shape through public and private actions in the weeks since the collapse of crypto exchange FTX, could push the industry to the fringes of finance.

Relativity Space Looks to Take On SpaceX With 3-D Printed Rockets (Wall Street Journal - Video): Startup Relativity Space is developing the world's first 3-D printed rocket, which it says is cheaper and quicker to manufacture than conventional rockets. Ahead of the company’s first orbital launch attempt, WSJ visited its California facility to meet founder Tim Ellis.

Ford halts production and shipments of its electric F-150 Lightning (CNBC): Ford Motor has paused production and shipments of its electric F-150 Lightning pickup due to a potential battery issue. The EV truck is being closely watched by investors, as it’s the first mainstream electric pickup on the market and a major launch for Ford.

How ChatGPT Will Destabilize White-Collar Work (The Atlantic): No technology in modern memory has caused mass job loss among highly educated workers. Will generative AI be an exception?

When Private Equity Came for the Toddler Gyms (The New York Times): The same playbook that has notched high returns acquiring things like foreclosed homes and highway rest stops is being tested by a family-oriented franchise.