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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 2.24

Could Electric Vehicles Be Hacked? (The Wall Street Journal): Will electric cars and trucks be the next playground for hackers? Some cybersecurity experts are raising the alarm, describing disturbing scenarios of possible attacks that include vehicles careening off the road or catching fire.

Supreme Court justices in Google case express hesitation about upending Section 230 (CNBC): Supreme Court Justices voiced hesitation on Tuesday about upending a key legal shield that protects tech companies from liability for their users’ posts, and for how the companies moderate messages on their sites.

China tells big tech companies not to offer ChatGPT services (NikkeiAsia): Regulators have told major Chinese tech companies not to offer ChatGPT services to the public amid growing alarm in Beijing over the AI-powered chatbot's uncensored replies to user queries.

"American Gothic”: the Federal debt and how the Visigoths may try to break the system if no one fixes it  (JP Morgan): Michael Cembalest takes a look at inflation-adjusted Federal debt per capita since 1790. "After the surge in government spending required to defeat the Axis powers during WWII, each American was responsible for $30k in Federal debt in today’s dollars. Today, that figure is 3x higher, and rising. When we compute the debt burden on the working age population, it looks even worse." He discusses partial solutions to close the gap.

Apple Makes Major Progress on No-Prick Blood Glucose Tracking for Its Watch (Bloomberg): Apple Inc. has a moonshot-style project underway that dates back to the Steve Jobs era: noninvasive and continuous blood glucose monitoring. The goal of this secret endeavor — dubbed E5 — is to measure how much glucose is in someone’s body without needing to prick the skin for blood.