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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 4.21

Only 10 Electric Vehicles Qualify for Full $7,500 US Tax Credit (Bloomberg):  Only 10 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will qualify for $7,500 federal tax credits in the US after stricter battery-sourcing rules take effect and render most plug-in models ineligible. General Motors Co., Tesla Inc. and Ford Motor Co. all have at least one EV that will qualify, while Ford and Stellantis NV each have one eligible plug-in hybrid model.

Apple’s New Classical Music App Is a Ton of Fun (GQ): The app, a free add-on to a normal Apple Music subscription, is based on a classical-only streaming service called Primephonic, which Apple purchased in 2021. The app launched with playlists from some of the biggest names in classical, a thoughtful nine-part introductory podcast, and innovative and high-fidelity audio encoding.

Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch Is Bursting With Life (The Wall Street Journal): An 80,000-ton cloud of plastic and trash floating in the Pacific Ocean is an environmental disaster. It is also teeming with life. Biologists who fished toothbrushes, rope and broken bottle shards from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch found them studded with gooseneck barnacles and jet-black sea anemones glistening like buttons.

Major Photography Prize Winner Reveals Image Is AI-Generated, Rejects Award (Vice): In March this year, the World Photography Organisation announced the winners of the Sony World Photography Awards 2023. Among many stunning images that took home various prizes was “PSEUDOMNESIA: The Electricia” by German artist Boris Eldagsen, which won in the Creative category. However, the image was generated by AI, and not a real photo (something that is obvious when you zoom in and look at the hands in the image, for example). On his personal website, Eldagsen revealed the truth and refused the award.

The Science Behind Controversial New Weight Loss Drugs Like Ozempic (The Wall Street Journal - Video): Some drugs initially approved to treat Type 2 diabetes are now being used for cosmetic weight loss. WSJ’s Daniela Hernandez explains how they work, their side effects, and concerns over unintended consequences.