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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 5.17

The NFL's Deal With Netflix Could Eventually Lead To A $100 Billion Payday (Huddle Up):  Netflix is paying $150 million for two NFL games on Christmas Day. But it's really part of the NFL's bigger plan to multiply media rights.

Apple Will Revamp Siri to Catch Up to Its Chatbot Competitors (The New York Times): Apple plans to announce that it will bring generative A.I. to iPhones after the company’s most significant reorganization in a decade.

Booming Southern Cities and the Shrinking Northeast (Home Economics): The trend is clear: southern cities like San Antonio, Phoenix, Jacksonville, and Houston lead the growth pack. Meanwhile, the population has declined in cities in the West (LA), Midwest (Chicago), and Northeast (Philadelphia, New York). In most places, the trends have gone in one direction throughout 2020-23 (though Houston, San Diego, and Dallas shrank in 2020 before growing subsequently).

When a Bunch of Bloody Yanks Came for English Soccer (The New York Times): American investors are gobbling up the storied teams of the English Premier League — and changing the stadium experience in ways that soccer fans resent.

Mystery in the Alps: A Chinese Family, a Swiss Inn and the World’s Most Expensive Weapon (The Wall Street Journal): Switzerland agreed to buy F-35 jet fighters to park on a remote runway. Then the U.S. zeroed in on the Wangs, who owned the rustic hotel next door.