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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 5.20

Why Warren Buffett Bought Paramount, Not Netflix, Stock (Barron's): I’m guessing that Warren Buffett didn’t just drop $2.6 billion on shares of network parent Paramount Global because he’s a big fan of NCIS: Hawaii. He might be betting that investors have got show business all wrong.

Value is Alive and Well (The Irrelevant Investor): The idea that value stocks would buoy the index while growth crashes would have seemed far-fetched twelve months ago. But here we are. Value is alive and well.

The Safe Investment That Will Soon Yield 10% (Wall Street Journal): There’s no such thing as a free lunch in finance. Except maybe this: The interest rate on inflation-adjusted U.S. savings bonds will approach 10% beginning in May.

The Only Investing Pattern That Matters is Behavioral (Behavior Gap): We think if something happened a certain way in the past, then it will surely continue into the future. And that’s the thing about most patterns—they don’t predict the future; they just describe the past.

Elon Vs. The Twitter Bots (Axios): Twitter bots are a big problem for Elon Musk, or so he claims — so big that he says he'll blow up his deal to acquire the social media platform if the company doesn't agree with his diagnosis.