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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 6.10

3 reasons high oil prices are here to stay (CNN): London (CNN Business) - Oil prices have roared back to about where they were in the early days of the Ukraine war, and there's no prospect of significant relief for drivers and businesses any time soon.

U.S. SEC chief Gary Gensler unveils plan to overhaul Wall Street stock trading  (CNBC): The top U.S. securities regulator on Wednesday proposed rule changes to transform how Wall Street handles retail stock trades after the meme stock mania last year raised questions about whether mom-and-pop investors were getting the best price.

How Encryption Works on Messaging Apps (Wall Street Journal): When you send a message to someone, it’s often intended for their eyes only. Whether only they see it or not is determined largely by the level of encryption built into the app you’re using.

Stock Splits Actually Work—Just Not for the Reason Everyone Thinks (Barron's): Stock splits are back in vogue, and the market is quickly rewarding companies that divide their shares.

Highflying Tiger Global Humbled by Unraveling of Giant Tech Bet (Wall Street Journal): The New York firm was a heavy investor in technology stocks and startups when the market peaked. The downturn has vaporized years of its gains.