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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 6.17

Gasoline prices top $5 a gallon nationally for the first time and are likely headed higher (CNBC): Due to short supplies this year, analysts are forecasting that prices may not top out until mid-July, when summer driving season traditionally peaks.

Housing Boom Fails to Lift All Homes Above Previous Cycle’s Peak (Wall Street Journal): In 477 U.S. cities, the typical home value at the end of April was below peak levels from the early 2000s.

Bored Ape Is Going Hollywood (GQ): It’s already the world’s most coveted NFT collection, but the Bored Ape Yacht Club is becoming something else: highly lucrative I.P. With buyers racing to make their apes the stars of movies and books and albums and shows, GQ goes inside the quest to cash in on a decentralized version of Disney.

U.S. drops Covid testing requirement for international travelers (CNBC): The Biden administration dropped the Covid-19 testing requirement for inbound air travelers from abroad, ending one of the longest-running travel restrictions of the pandemic.

Sector and Country Performance in 2022 (A Wealth of Common Sense): Here’s a look at S&P 500 sector returns going back to 2009 ranked from best to worst each year. Much like the asset allocation quilt, the biggest thing that jumps out from these numbers is how random the returns are from year to year.