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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 6.24

The Luxurious Side of a National Park Trips (Barron's): Camping and rustic lodges will always have their place for such outings, but there's now a growing contingent of high-end hotels and resorts catering to the crowd who prefers a more luxurious stay.

America's incoherent approach to fighting high gas prices (Axios): The central problem is too much demand for fuel and too little supply. But many of the policy ideas being floated to address high gas prices don't wrestle with that basic disconnect and may be counterproductive.

Americans Are Building Vacation-Home Empires With Easy-Money Loans (Advisor Perspectives): Selling risky mortgages based on volatile per-night Airbnb income could end badly for communities, borrowers, and investors.

Passengers Need to Learn How to Behave on Planes Again (Wall Street Journal): Sky-high ticket prices, snaking airport lines and flight cancellations and delays aren’t the only stressors passengers face as air travel approaches pre-pandemic levels.

Home prices keep rising, even as the market cools (Axios): The real estate market is slowing down, but that doesn't mean home prices are getting more affordable — yet. Actually, prices and rents are still going up.