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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 7.29

Great Escapes: Maui, Where Luxury Means Giving Back to the Land (Barron's):  Hotels like the Ritz-Carlton Maui, the Andaz and the Grand Wailea, offer free hotel nights in exchange for local community service activities, such as beach cleanup or volunteering with the Pacific Whale Foundation or Lahaina Restoration Foundation through the Malama Hawaii Program.

They Thought ‘Crypto Banks’ Were Safe, and Then Came the Crash (The Wall Street Journal): Celsius, which filed for bankruptcy protection this month, is one of many firms that cropped up in recent years promoting themselves as safe avenues for regular people to tap the moneymaking potential of crypto. Many customers are now getting a hard lesson in an age-old markets maxim and a modern one: Reaching for yield usually comes with big risk.

How Did They Get Inflation So Wrong? (The Atlantic): Last week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen did something unusual for a Washington policy maker: She admitted that she’d made a mistake. But amid the recriminations, surprisingly little attention has been paid to a couple of important questions: Why did policy makers get it wrong? And what can we learn from their mistakes?

The decline of All-Star Games (Axios): MLB's Midsummer Classic drew a record-low 7.51 million viewers on Tuesday. And yet, that's still the largest audience among Big Four All-Star Games, all of which have seen their audiences dwindle over the past two decades.

U.S. Inflation Surpasses 9 Percent  (Statistica): This chart shows the year-over-year change of the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers in the U.S. The June reading was the highest since November 1981, fueling fears that inflation is out of control.