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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 8.19

Beware an 'Inflation Head Fake' - Podcast (Bloomberg - What Goes Up): The chief investment officer of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management has a warning for investors who are chasing the latest rally in stocks: Don’t get too excited about a potential peak in inflation after the consumer price index cooled off a bit in July.

When Little Leaguers Set the Example for Adults (The Wall Street Journal): An extraordinary embrace between opponents becomes a viral moment in an acrimonious summer

Why talking to strangers is good for you, them and all of us (Ted Ideas): In childhood, we’re told: “Don’t talk to strangers.” But this is short-sighted advice because after we finish high school and move out into the world, everyone we encounter is a stranger. And we’re a social species, which means we need each other.

US Household Debt Surpasses $16 Trillion on Higher Mortgages (Bloomberg): US household debt increased by 2% to $16.2 trillion in the second quarter, with mortgages, auto loans and credit-card balances all seeing sizable increases, according to a report by the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

A Convenience-Store Magnate, Teen Drinking and a Fatal Boat Crash: The Legal Case Shaking South Carolina (The Wall Street Journal): The sensational killing of two members of the Murdaugh family has become intertwined with a lawsuit aimed at the state’s liability laws