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Friday's Fast Five: Week of 8.26

IRS Changes Guidelines for Inherited IRAs, Causing Confusion and Pushback (The Wall Street Journal): Figuring out the most efficient way to navigate the tax impact of inheriting individual retirement accounts has become more complicated since the Internal Revenue Service issued proposed new rules in February.

Zoom boom meets doom (Axios): The saga of the stay-at-home stocks is a useful reminder that hot new technology stocks can fall out of favor fast.

Where Central Banks Have Issued Digital Currencies (Statistica): The value of Bitcoins and NFTs might be dwindling, but a different approach to cryptocurrency is growing in popularity around the world while showcasing a totally different face of the blockchain.

What So Many People Get Wrong About The Energy Transition (Podcast) (Apple Podcasts): With energy prices booming, heatwaves ravaging Europe, and Russia going to war against Ukraine, there's an increased focus on the so-called energy transition. Interest in decarbonization is surging. But there's still a lot of ambiguity about what that might look like.

NASA's Last Stand (Axios): If next week's scheduled launch of the new moon rocket — the Space Launch System — succeeds, it could prove that NASA is still on the cutting edge of the technology needed for human space exploration, even as companies like SpaceX nip at its heels.